This Privacy Policy sets out how Guardian Pty Ltd ACN 606 413 629 (“Guardian”) handles your personal information. At Guardian, we are committed to treating personal information we collect from our customers through our Lifestream mobile application in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

By accessing and using our website, products and services, you freely and expressly consent to the collection, use, processing, storage and disclosure of personal information by us as set out in this Privacy Policy. 

We ensure that we take all necessary and reasonable steps to comply with the relevant Australian Privacy Laws and to deal with inquiries or complaints from individuals about compliance in alignment with the relevant Privacy Laws. We strive to meet international data security standards such as those reflected in the GDPR and COPPA.

Guardian maintains the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect any updates to privacy practices. The date of the last update will be clearly shown at the end of this document.


Your information enables us to provide our service to you through the Lifestream mobile application and improve that service. We do not provide your information to any third parties except where directly related to the provision of our service to you, such as to our response centre or emergency services.

Our service is intended to provide you with connectivity, communication services, location sharing, and access to emergency assistance services. The amount of personal information that you supply, your location services being enabled, and any analysis of data when you contact us may improve our capability to do this.

Please read our Privacy Policy before signing up to a Guardian service. If you cannot accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, we cannot provide our service to you. By signing up to our service, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described here and in our Terms of Use and Service.

Personal Information Collection

You provide information to us through your smartphone app, our website or over the phone to our response centre operators when you contact us in an emergency situation. In general, we collect personal information from you when you use our services, including when you sign up for an account or initiate an emergency or assistance call. This may include video or audio files and location. We also collect information about how you use our services for internal purposes.

Information collected about an individual will be collected by consent at first instance through accepting our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and Service when registering for the Lifestream app. Further non-compulsory information that you may opt to provide to optimise our provision of our services is provided at your discretion.

Any information we collect, record and store are only there to help keep you safe so that Lifestream can use your information to help you during an emergency. To use our app, it is compulsory to enter your name, email address, and phone number. We ask for your name, email address and phone number so that we can identify you for the provision of tailored, on-call emergency services, so that in an emergency situation we can ensure you receive optimum care and support. We can only share information with your nominated emergency contacts for facilitating your rescue or providing you assistance in an emergency situation or where we reasonably believe it is necessary in order to prevent harm to you. Providing further personal information is optional but will enable us to get you help more effectively in an emergency.

The types of personal information you may provide includes:

  • names, contact details and address details
  • personal details such as description, date of birth and gender
  • medical information
  • photograph or image of you
  • membership details including payment information
  • contact information about your emergency contacts
  • video files
  • audio files
  • location data
  • demographic information
  • device information

Location data

Our Lifestream app’s location services operate as a tool for the provision of emergency services and for your connectivity with trusted family and friends. Location sharing and the use of location data is a critical part of our Lifestream app’s service. 

Your location will only ever be used to deliver the service you sign up for. When using our app, only when you let us know you’re in an emergency situation (such as by activating the WatchMe feature or calling our response centre operators) is your location monitored so that our response centre can quickly and efficiently provide you with the care you need, when and where you need it. Otherwise, only your current or last known location is temporarily stored. So, we will never store or track your location history, unless you’ve told us, or through information you’ve provided we have reason to believe that you’re in an emergency situation.

Users are able to choose not to share their location at any time with either their personal groups or the response centre too. However, if you disable location sharing, the app will not be capable of delivering the intended service.

Video and audio files

Calls between an app user and the response centre will always be recorded and retained. This includes video and audio calls.

Calls between app users will not be recorded unless the Response Centre is included as a party to that call.

Device information

Your device may provide us with device information such as hardware version, operating system, device setting, signal strength and battery strength as well as geo-location information.

Data Storage and Protection

Guardian exclusively holds and stores any personal information in electronic format. We take security measures to protect this information using such methods as encryption, passwords, firewalls and digital certificates. We maintain robust and professionally informed data security policies which ensure our in-house practices are consistently monitored and maintained to a high quality standard.

Your data never leaves our encrypted, secure domain storage. We respect our users’ privacy, so your data is never sold for marketing or third party access. We follow the highest industry standards. We use reputable and reliable cloud-based storage for your data, which is encrypted at-rest and in-transit in Australian servers. Our asymmetric key encryption software is stored in highly secure, multi-tiered storage for system management. 

Retaining Information

Personal information will be retained for as long as an account with Guardian remains open or as required by law.

Subject to any legislative requirement, Guardian will destroy, erase or make anonymous your Personal Information 2 years after your account is deleted or sooner if it is no longer required to be retained. 

Disclosure of Information

We respect your privacy, so your data is never sold for marketing or third party access.

The types of third parties to whom we may disclose your personal information include:

  • service providers or other third parties contracted as part of the provision of our service to you, such as our response centre.
  • government or regulatory bodies or agencies, as part of the service provided to you or as required by law, such as emergency services.

Any sensitive or medical information that is communicated to our emergency operators is strictly private and confidential. We will only make your personal information available to third-parties including emergency services where it relates directly to the provision of the Guardian service and the release of such information is reasonably believed to be necessary to prevent harm to you.

Data Disclosure or Correction 

You have the ability to update or correct your personal information at any time. You may edit or update your personal information via the Lifestream app or by emailing us at It’s your responsibility to keep your information up to date to ensure we are able to provide the most effective help when you need it. 

Guardian will make any personal information relating to a user available to the user or their legal representative in response to a request if Guardian believes the law requires them to do so, or at Guardian’s discretion.

In certain circumstances, some users will require access to their video and audio files. Guardian will readily provide this information in a seamless and presentable package upon request at their professional discretion. Users can request access to their personal information, subject to some limited exceptions permitted or required by law, by contacting Guardian through the app or by email at 

Direct Marketing

Guardian may use your personal information to provide you with information about the service you have signed up to. 

Guardian may use your personal information, that has been provided upon app registration or when downloading resources from our website, to provide you with service-related information and marketing materials. If you wish to cease receiving email-related information or marketing, you have the option to unsubscribe in the footer of our emails. Liaison or contact with our team may result in us using your personal information to distribute service-related information or marketing materials. Again, if you wish to cease receiving marketing materials, or you can opt out by letting our team know via email.


If you wish to contact us about our handling of your personal information or with any queries or concerns, you can contact Guardian at any time by email

( This contact email is also provided on our website. Or, users can report a technical issue or request support in-app by email too (

If we fail to respond to your complaint within a reasonable time or you are unhappy with our response, you maintain the right to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

Last updated 11th August 2023