Discover the power of our communication features designed to keep you connected with the people that matter at the touch of a button.

Experience the convenience of Lifestream’s chat and calls combined with world-class location sharing to help streamline your daily life.

A step-by-step guide to connection with Lifestream

Experience an extra layer of connectivity with Lifestream’s communication features

Start your group chat

Connect with each other via your group's private chat, where you can send messages and images. Check-ins will appear here too!

Voice or video call

Start a voice or video call with any of your group members on Lifestream.

Send your first check-in!

On the Location tab, select 'Check-in" in the bottom right corner to send one of a variety of check-ins to your group , along with your location details and a message.

Coordinate a meet-up

Send a meet-me check-in to your group for easy coordination so that your group can access one-tap directions directing to your location.

Social chat

Free and Secure Chat

Experience seamless and reliable chat with Lifestream on any mobile device. 

With end-to-end encryption and private, invite-only groups or direct messaging, your conversations are secured. 

Lifestream keeps you connected – anywhere, anytime. 

Never miss a moment with Voice & Video Calls

Stay connected with your favourite people no matter where they are. 

Crisp, clear video and voice calls let you enjoy talking just like you’re face-to-face.

Social video and voice call

Check Ins

Lifestream check-ins help you stay connected and safe.

  • Basic “All good” check-ins
  • “Pick me up” to get a lift from someone in your group
  • “Meet me here” to organise a catch-up, or 
  • “I need help” to alert your group that you need assistance.

After you’ve checked in, the app sends a notification to your group, showing them where you are, along with the type of check-in and any chat message included.

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Location Sharing

Stay connected with your community in a constantly evolving world. Lifestream’s cutting-edge safety and connection app facilitates effortless group communication.


Lifestream offers a comprehensive suite of safety features which follow our tiered guidance model, ranging from practical resources to tangible emergency assistance.