Why Use Lifestream

Our Lifestream app is specifically designed for day-to-day family connection with an added layer of safety and security. By choosing Lifestream, users are opening up a whole new way to connect, share and be there for the people who matter to them. 

Lifestream is a one-stop app for safety features and a space for connecting with families, friends, groups, and communities united in their efforts to be there during life’s most important moments.

Lifestream acts as a personal concierge on your smartphone. You can be there for the people you care about or call on them in an instant for advice, to share wins, connect with the group, keep things running smoothly, tend to relationships, or be there during crisis and emergencies.

  • Simplifying daily routines
    Say goodbye to the stress of missing a meeting or pickup. Lifestream streamlines everyday activities like transporting the kids, choosing where to meet, staying up-to-date, and chatting with friends, all in one convenient location. 
  • Reaching out is normalised
    We believe that the more you open the door to sharing your experiences during positive moments, the more likely you are to reach out when things are tough. That’s why we’ve created an app that encourages connection, makes asking for help simple, and promotes reaching out for help as an everyday occurrence.   
  • 24/7 peace-of-mind
    Lifestream is a plan in your pocket for when life has other plans. You can mobilise assistance from personal and public contacts, access 24/7 emergency operators, and receive timely, tailored advice from people who care. 
  • Student safety
    For children travelling on public transport, going to-and-from outside activities or when you’re on a school trip or excursion, Lifestream provides additional layers of security. 
  • Duty of care / work teams
    Ensuring workers are safe on the job with access to a trained response team 24/7 for any kind of emergency. 
  • Solo Activities
    Whether running solo, going to the gym late at night, or any other time you’re on your own, Lifestream can help with our scheduled check-in WatchMe feature.

Using Lifestream daily to talk to family, friends and your wider community for fun, but also to create a culture where taking personal responsibility for building a safety net around each other becomes the standard you expect. 

For example, Lifestream:

  • Makes checking in so easy, it becomes habitual. Lifestream transforms supporting people into a series of little actions performed throughout the day. Messages and check-ins can lead to supportive and empathetic conversations, providing a secure place to share, identify and solve problems quickly, promote self-reflection, and strengthen relationships by creating a culture that supports the people we care about, all while instilling confidence.
  • Reaffirms help is always available. People in crisis often don’t know where to turn, who you ask, or how to approach someone for help. By utilising Lifestream to communicate daily, you’re combating that uncertainty and hesitation by providing a familiar, clear path to connect when they need it.
  • Highlights the power of connection. Lifestream is a fun way to communicate . It includes the ability to personalise connections in the one app, with a focus on privacy.
  • Provides the opportunity to talk about deeper topics. By using Lifestream every day to connect, you’re opening the door to conversations about health, safety, disaster preparedness and prevention, stranger danger, mental health, consent, suicide, and more.  

Lifestream delivers a greater amount of information to a response operator when you call, which allows an operator to quickly assess your situation and get the appropriate support for you. 

Lifestream uses real-time location, live video calls and instant message communications during an incident.

When you call Lifestream during an incident, our operator will know who is calling, where you are and can see what’s going on.

They also will know who your Emergency Contacts are, so can let them know what’s happening.

To contact our response centre, you can make use of chat, video or voice call while also using location sharing services. This makes it easier to communicate, even if it is not safe to talk or you can’t for any reason. 

Our dedicated operators are available straight away for advice and support, offering peace of mind as trained professionals to decide what emergency services or additional support may be required. 

With Lifestream, you can get advice on what service is right for your particular situation, choose from a trusted network of support services, contact emergency contacts on the same call with emergency services, and access first-aid tips straight away. 

Lifestream is a one-stop-shop for family connection and communication and for all kinds of support packaged in one neat family connection and safety app. Lifestream allows you to not only call for help when you need it but access a wide variety of different helpful resources and connectedness tools.

  • Most Lifestream users use their app throughout the day for location sharing and to communicate with their family, schoolmates, friends, and colleagues.
  • Check-in is also regularly used for arranging pick-ups after school or gatherings or just to let someone know you’ve arrived safely at your destination.
  • If you need support, access all the public support services through Lifestream, or use First-aid tips to give you advice.
  • If you need emergency assistance or support, our highly skilled and trained operators are available 24/7 to help you get the help you need. They can help assess your situation via video, chat or voice, while immediately accessing your location to send assistance quickly. 
  • Lifestream also helps you to help others and to encourage reaching out for help outside critical moments for you and the people you care about to catch more of life’s smaller emergencies as they happen. 

From direct connection to major emergency services, first-aid tips, connections with trusted adults and peers for support and advice, and more, Lifestream is the family connection and safety app you need day-to-day or when life has other plans.   

It’s true that Lifestream members choose our product for peace of mind during an emergency, but Lifestream is so much more than that. More than a safety app, Lifestream helps you communicate and stay connected with people who matter the most. 

We’ve designed Lifestream to bring families, groups and communities together. You can use Lifestream to chat in a safe, secure environment as well as share location with your private, invite-only groups.

When you’re out exploring on holidays or trips, or just during daily life, Lifestream’s great location-sharing features enable you to stay visible, safe and connected. 

Plus, you have the added peace of mind with first aid tips, on-call personal assistance via voice, video or text, and a variety of unique safety features at your fingertips — when you need it. 

It’s your one-stop-shop for connecting families, school groups, and more. 

Lifestream gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with the people that matter to you, and get assistance at any time at the touch of a button. 

Some examples when you may use Lifestream: 

  • Every day. Because everything is in one place, it makes sharing location, chat and calls so much easier
  • Open the Family group map to see if your kids are on the way home from school
  • The kids can send a check-in that they’re ready to be picked up from sports practice
  • Send a “Pick-me up” check when the party has finished. Mum or Dad will see exactly where you are and with one-tap they can get directions to you or reply to your message
  • When you’re out with the girls, send a “Thumbs up” check-in to the group when you’re home safely
  • Walking home from the train station at night? Tap WatchMe to start a monitored timed session until you get home safely
  • If you’re out in your boat and the motor won’t start, tap the SOS button. Operators will see exactly where you are and get help on the way
  • A friend has been stung by a box jellyfish and you don’t know what to do. Open First-aid tips and take action. Tap to call Lifestream or Poisons Information Line for further assistance.
  • You fall and break your leg. Tap SOS and operators can provide immediate assistance and get an ambulance on the way

The list is endless.

Yes! Lifestream works with all iOS and Android devices. For your convenience, you can download Lifestream from the Google Play and App Store. If you are invited to a group, accept the invitation when you open the app, and you’re away.