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Top Safety Tips on Planning Your Next School Trip

School excursions and trips offer an exciting opportunity for student learning and environmental exposure. While planning a school trip involves many administrative tasks and coordination efforts, safety can easily be side-lined in the planning process. That’s where Lifestream comes in, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to make your school trips safer and more enjoyable than ever before. Read our top tips below for planning your next school trip with Lifestream.

Put Safety at the Centre
Putting safety first when planning school trips does not need to be an unintuitive or burdening task. After getting back those parental permission slips, filling out any medical and allergy forms and sending out those newsletter reminders, it’s time to put staff and student wellbeing at the centre of your trip with Lifestream.

Testing Everyone is Onboard
With all of your safety and connection needs available in one central platform, make sure everyone in your group is onboard with Lifestream. Do they understand the Lifestream functionality? Can everyone do a test check-in, and see each other’s location? With Lifestream being the ultimate risk mitigation tool, making sure everyone has access to and understands Lifestream’s simple platform is key before setting off. Need help? Hop on our website or contact our team so we can get you on the road with ease.

Connect and Create a Trip Group
Lifestream offers a secure, reliable and centralised platform for communication amongst staff and students on school trips. Simply set up a trip group on Lifestream by inviting your relevant trip members. Everybody has the flexibility to select which location-sharing features are enabled, however location-awareness when travelling with your group will be crucial for optimum visibility. 

Equip Everyone with Safety Resources and Numbers
It’s important to make sure that everyone travelling in your group knows who to contact and how in case of an emergency or moment of need. To avoid sharing teacher’s personal information with students, Lifestream provides a comprehensive platform with appropriate escalation protocols. Through Lifestream, group members can contact emergency contacts, our 24-7 on-call response centre, select a number from our support directory, access first-aid tips, or send alert check-ins to other group members. 

Prepare for the Unexpected
No matter how well you plan, not everything can be predicted, so having a backup plan in place is essential. Lifestream helps you proactively prepare for unforeseen events, offering guidance and support every step of the way as your ideal contingency plan. With our inbuilt escalation systems including our 24/7 on-call response centre and SOS chat, Lifestream ensures that everyone on your trip has access to the kind of help they need, when and where they need it.

Incorporating Lifestream into your school trip planning process isn’t just about meeting safety requirements – it’s about streamlining and safeguarding the entire experience for everyone involved. With Lifestream as part of your school trip, you can embark on any off-campus activity with confidence, knowing that you have the support and resources you need to create invaluable learning opportunities in a safe and secure environment.

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