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Lifestream-ABSA Survey Results 2023

May 17, 2023

Lifestream recently conducted the Australian Boarding Schools Association among Heads of Boarding. Here are some of the things we found:

– Respondents believe that students will talk to a staff member if something’s keeping them up at night. Waking a friend and talking to them comes as a close second.

– Location tracking is hands down the features that respondents want to explore from a safety app. Instant Chat and Phone Support come second and third.

– 94% of respondents believe parents would feel more comfortable with a safety application on their child’s phone.

You can get the rest of the survey results here.

At Lifestream, we are dedicated to ensuring safety, connectedness, and well-being within our boarding school environment. We believe that by promoting a sense of group responsibility and looking after each other, we can help students, staff, and parents enjoy life without worry.Our one-stop safety app offers 24/7 professional emergency assistance, location sharing, live video, and first aid tips.

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