Restoring confidence, providing reassurance, and empowering our users — anytime, anywhere.

Guardian is dedicated to both proactive and preventative personal safety measures with Lifestream, offering an all-encompassing safety and connection solution that not only helps streamline daily life, but also ensures seamless support during critical moments.

Lifestream is your connection and safety app which leverages leading-edge technology to empower and protect communities by providing mobile, tailored access to emergency services alongside in-app communication features for your daily use.

Who is Guardian?

Guardian is the Australian-based information technology company behind the Lifestream app.

At Guardian, we understand that peace of mind is priceless. That’s why we’ve developed our leading-edge app Lifestream which offers a comprehensive suite of features to keep you safe and connected in any situation. From real-time location sharing and emergency alerts to our 24/7 response centre and trusted contacts, our app puts your security front and centre.

But Lifestream is more than just a safety tool — it’s a community of support and empowerment. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to navigate everyday adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Values


We believe in leveraging modern technology, innovative design, and scalable solutions to make a positive difference.


Community is Lifestream's heart, fostering connections, support, and safety among all users, ensuring everyone feels protected and connected


We are committed to delivering a product that is reliable and trustworthy while conducting ourselves with transparency.


We’ve built Lifestream with your safety and privacy in mind to safeguard your information with the utmost care.


We understand that people with different backgrounds face unique safety challenges; we believe everyone deserves safety


We are here for you in your most vulnerable moments, giving you
peace of mind and tangible assistance.

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