About Us

People using Lifestream app: A couple laughing on video call, a man traveling on train, independent school children walking together in a group of three.

About Us

Restoring confidence, providing reassurance, and empowering our users — anywhere, anytime.

Everyone deserves to feel safe, secure and connected – from the most vulnerable individual through to the largest groups/communities. At Lifestream, we believe linking with friends, family and the wider world is the key to creating a safe and supportive culture.

We know powerful things happen when helping others becomes our every day. From acting as a deterrent to those who wish us harm and to encouraging those who wish us well to come closer, connection strengthens us all.

And the more accessible the connection, the greater the chance of positive outcomes when it matters most.

Lifestream provides connection, support and protection anywhere, anytime by:

Creating a safety net
Providing 24/7 assistance
Mobilising connections
Easy-to-use technology
Empowering you to help
Focusing on innovation

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Who is Guardian?

Guardian is an Australian-based information technology company that provides leading-edge communication and safety applications for families, workers and enterprise customers.

Our innovative Lifestream platform is a location sharing, chat and video call application built on a foundation of world-leading safety and support features – all designed to keep the people who are most important to you safe and connected.

With operations across four countries, Guardian is committed to delivering secure communication and safety tools that make life easier and safer.