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  • Three interconnected figures icon: denotes communities connecting to communicate daily on Lifestream.

    Stay connected and safe with a range of easy-to-use features

  • Phone with 24/7 assistance icon: means professional emergency operators are available on Lifestream app.

    24/7 professional emergency assistance at the touch of a button when you need it

  • Map point icon with exclamation mark: denotes Lifestream app location-based check-ins via chat, voice and video.

    Streamline daily life with great location sharing features

  • Important message icon: to denote the emergency, group and one on one chat features on Lifestream app.

    Easy daily communication through secure voice and video calls, chat & check-ins

  • Three figures behind a protection shied icon: denotes safety features to keep you and people who matter to you safe

    Effective safety features to keep you and people who matter to you safe

  • Three figures connected in a circle icon: Demonstrating access to a range of support services and self-help features.

    Access a range of support services and self-help features

Group connection and safety on your own terms

One simple app, instant peace-of-mind

Stay safe and connected with Lifestream's BASIC features

  • Two figures chatting: create multiple group chats setup with Lifestream to communicate in-app.

    Create and chat with groups

  • Free voice calls

  • Map point icon with connected circles: Lifestream location sharing features for individuals and groups.

    Great location sharing features

  • Map point icon: Streamline daily family logistics with Lifestream location sharing features

    Location-based check-ins

  • CCTV camera icon for Lifestream's live streaming, indestructible CCTV streaming.

    Stay safe with instant CCTV

  • First aid kit icon: First aid tips available via Lifestream for emergencies.

    Quick reference first-aid guide

Lifestream location sharing: Five figures appear in real time on a map

One simple app, instant peace-of-mind

Enjoy access to 24/7 emergency response with these PREMIUM features

  • Icon demonstrates 24/7 emergency assistance operators are available around the clock.

    24/7 professional emergency response at the touch of a button

  • Icon of bell with exclamation mark to denote sounding the alarm in Lifestream emergency alerts

    Operators instantly know who you are and where you are

  • Camera with exclamation mark: Live streaming video via Lifestream helps operators see the emergency.

    With live video, operators can see what's going on

  • SOS instant message chat for when you can't, or don't want to, speak

  • Operators will notify emergency contacts of any incidents

  • Icon for clock timer to represent WatchMe's self-directed observation feature's timer.

    Monitored safety function with WatchMe timer

A cyclist is using Lifestream's WatchMe feature when out cycling to stay safe.

Lifestream is helping families and schools feel safe and connected

“I would recommend Lifestream as it gives you that extra peace of mind that students can access instant emergency help through their mobile. It helps me with ensuring duty of care in our boarding school.”
Director of International Education and Boarding, Sydney
"Lifestream provides extra protection around the kids, especially when they're not in my direct care. It gives comfort to me and to parents."
Teacher, Perth
"Just having it in your pocket makes me feel safer. Good to know someone is there if I need them."
Student, Melbourne
"Our family uses Lifestream everyday to know where each other are. It makes daily logistics easier, but it's also peace of mind."
Davies family, Gold Coast
"My Grade 6 boy is starting to roam the streets with his friends. They use Lifestream to communicate and share location. It gives parents like me peace of mind. We can see where they are and know they can get help if they need it.
Parent, Hobart


A family connection and safety app that brings together the best in support and safety

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